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The Inadvertent Truth

One of the things in life that I am truly passionate about, for whatever reason, I have kept to myself for a very long time. If you knew me twenty years ago, there would have been no doubt in your mind that i was extremely passionate about music, and more specifically the guitar & writing songs.

So what does ‘The Inadvertent Truth’ have to do about a 37 year old guy that is passionate about music, guitars, singing, song writing, etc?  Well it has everything to do with it. How can you or I claim to be truly passionate about something and not share it with the world. Yes, I understand that there may be the odd closet passion that is just for personal fulfillment… I get that! But, for the rest of the world, I think hiding your passion is a disservice to the world.

What if your passion helped just one person?

What if your passion helped thousands of people?

What if your passion was part of your legacy?

Today, I played a rough recording one of the songs that I recently wrote to a work colleague. They had asked what my hobbies, passions are and instead of just saying I like playing guitar & writing songs, I put my passion & creativity on the line, pulled out the iPod and played them the song.

If your curious, it’s entitled Super Woman and you can read the lyrics. Super Woman. Later this year I will be recording this song in studio, along with many others, and will truly begin to share my passion with the world.

What happened next?

It wasn’t intended. Nor was it unexpected.  It just wouldn’t have been exposed unless I decided that moment to share my passion with another person.

My colleague told me I was very talented and wondered why I wasn’t pursuing it as a career.

Good question?

The true response to that question is fear, risk versus reward potential compared to the lucrative businesses I am involved with now, and many other reasons. But if it’s my true passion what does money truly matter? Tell that to my wife, three daughters & the mortgage J

Either way, I will never again hide or be afraid to share my passions with the world. This is the inadvertent truth I discovered today.

Sharing your passions won’t hurt anyone, but they may help you or someone else. It didn’t happen today, but what if one day that song played on a radio and helped a complete stranger get past a painful experience in their life.

What’s your passion?

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