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Top 3 Pet Peeve Geek Questions

OK fellow geeks, and good day to the non-geeks who torment us with nightly phone calls!

I may not be an IT specialist, but if you are like me and happen to be remotely good with a computer these days, you quasi de facto become tech support for your parents, siblings, friends and co-workers.

So this post is for all you UNPAID tech support geeks… you know who you are! Feel free to post your best questions in the comments below as I feel your pain.

3.  I don’t know what I clicked but now my screen is sideways and my neck is getting sore?

This one came from my Dad! I couldn’t stop laughing after I walked him though rotating his desktop under his display properties. I love you Dad… but holy cow!

2.  I think I have a virus? I WASN’T looking at those sex websites or anything so I don’t understand how I got it.

Ummm, I will protect the more than one not so innocent people by not naming names, but  too many people apparently don’t have a teenager they can blame.  Two words for you folks -Antivirus Software!!!

1. My computer is sooooo slow and its only a year old?

When asked if they change the oil on the car…yep of course. When is the last time you cleaned up your computer?  (Shaking their head….) If you think that a registry is where you go to select presents for a wedding and defrag is a war term, please, please go buy System Mechanic!

I will post more if they come to me, but I’m sure there are few stories out there that put mine to shame.

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