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Top ten reasons to follow me on Twitter.  

  1. I will Twitter You if you Twitter Me. We’ll call it Twitter Karma.
  2. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but you can be sure it will be entertaining to watch while I figure it out.
  3. Bill Gates doesn’t follow me, but I follow him.
  4. I may launch a site called
  5. I’m Canadian, and have a friend who is an Actor in Hollywood.
  6. For techie folks you’ll be helping my website SEO and rankings.
  7. For non-techie people…. Just smile and nod!
  8. You have a similar name, hair color, HP Laptop, house, mortgage, minivan, spouse, kids and or you are human.
  9.  You want to send those @messages to someone other than your Mom you convinced to sign up for Twitter.
  10.  Absolute best reason to follow me on Twitter is because I’ll pay you…. and if you believe that, I have an Igloo to sell you just outside of Miami!

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