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Urgent Warning About Gardasil (Truth or Fear Mongering)

I have three daughters so this issue is very important to discuss with my family, but when you get emails from friends and family freaking you out that  girls are dying and having adverse affects from a vaccine created  to protect our daughters from cancer… confusion and anger sets in.

Do we trust the medical doctors, the naturopathic doctors, the FDA or do we trust people like Jenny Thompson who is neither? 

It  makes you wonder who you can REALLY trust as an information source on the internet these days. I don’t normally post information like this but felt compelled to see what other people think. I’m not vouching PRO or CON the speaker, but below is the video. I would also suggest you look at this article that claims the video is a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information.


What do you think?


Aminah Effendy

Hi Lee,

In response to your question, I would be least likely to trust what the pharmaceutical company has to say in regards to the Gardasil vaccine. I do not know if there has been an independent study performed on its efficacy (a company other than Merck), but I’m pretty sure that the long term effects have not been studied.

There are over 100 human papillomavirus (HPV) types that have been described and at least 40 HPV types are able to infect the genital tract. The vaccine only protects against 4 types: 6, 11, 16, and 18. All four types are linked to cervical cancer–16 and 18 are referred to as high risk and 4 and 6 are referred to as low risk. Gardasil only protects against 4 out of 100 types of HPV. I think this gives a false sense of security as the 96 other types can still cause warts on the vulva, vaginal wall, cervix, penis, rectum, anus, and mouth.

Here’s a question for you: Why are boys not being vaccinated instead of girls? It’s pretty much a given that adolescent males have more partners than adolescent females. If the boys are not vaccinated, they could be putting young women at risk, even if those women have a single partner.

I am totally against vaccinating with Gardasil. Never mind that it bypasses the immune system, by being injected directly into one’s arm, but what about teaching girls and boys about self-respect, abstinence, safer sex, getting regular Pap tests (at 18 or at the age of sexual debut), etc.

Also, even if the incidence is 1 in 1 million that one could have an adverse event resulting in death (with any vaccine), it is one too many. Are you willing to take the risk?

Aminah Effendy

Effendy Homoeopathic Clinic

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