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Vent – Idea Give Away #2

It’s a curse.

I’m an idea guy with very little time who as a result has to be very picky on what I implement. So rather than let an idea die and whither away, I set it free and give it to you( if its not for you then you should FEEL OBLIGATED to pass this on to the person YOU KNOW this is for.. EVERY BODY KNOWS SOMEONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR AN INDEA THEY CAN RUN WITH). As I mentioned in my Give Your Best Ideas Away post all I ask is that if you or anyone implements any of my ideas, just pay me in what ever manner you want one year after you have implemented the idea. Whether that’s a thank you email, or whatever you feel that idea was truly worth. Karma! How many people just don’t have time to read a 300+ page book on the topic they would love to read about, even if it is for only 20 minutes. Since we already know the answer to that question, I will tell you this concept is nothing new! Ever heard of Coles Notes?

So here is the free idea of the day that can go one of two ways. could work with authors to write on every topic under the sun, but to a maximum of 10 pages. Still have to be extremely high quality work, captivating, and inexpensive for the buyer at lets say $1.99 a book, but nonetheless a very valuable service for time pressed readers. Ensure you don’t put out crap and you will get repeat business guaranteed.

The second way is for one author to take this idea and run with it. The web domain could still be used but not necessary. Any author could use to immediately start cranking out high quality 10 page books in their niche. Whether you write how to books, romance, business or anything else, snappy titles will grab your reader’s attention.

Hear are a few titles that just popped into my head:

Raising Kids – Ten Most Important Pages on Raising Children You Will Ever Read

Buying a Car Today? Learn In 20 Minutes or Less How to Save Yourself Thousands from the Sleaziest Car Salesman in the World

Anyway, think you get the idea.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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